Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lets get started!

Hello, everybody! I am setting up a blog for us to use for communication and to chronicle the project. This isn't mandatory, but I think it will be helpful, and ultimately, we will have our project out there where other folks can see what we're doing (and what we've done). I have sent out invites to everyone I have an email address for, and I would encourage you to accept the invites even if you don't think you'll be posting. I have the comments limited to members only both to cut down on spam and to keep random pointless feedback from strangers to a minimum. If there is anyone on this project who needs to be added, that can happen, all I need is an email address. I will be arranging our first meeting soon, and we will get this ball rolling.

I'm really excited about this and I am happy that so many other folks seem excited as well. Thanks for supporting this concept, I think we will all have fun and learn a lot.

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Lady Jane said...

Can we have Byzantine Names???
I want to be Flavia.