Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looks really Interesting

In looking for more Biz. food books I stumbled across this:

And the summary is:

Written by specialists in several disciplines, this volume explores the parameters and significance of magic in Byzantine society, from the fourth century to after the empire's fall. The authors address a wide variety of questions, some of which are common to all historical research into magic, and some of which are peculiar to the Byzantine context.

The authors reveal the scope, the forms, and the functioning of magic in Byzantine society, throwing light on a hitherto relatively little-known aspect of Byzantine culture, and, at the same time, expanding upon the contemporary debates concerning magic and its roles in pre-modern societies.


The publisher is Dumbarton Oaks and the ISBN is 978-0884022305

I really want to ILL this - now when can I get to the Library?

Tickle anyone else's fancy?


The Chickengoddess said...

That's seriously cool. Maguire also wrote a book called "Byzantine Garden Culture" and "A Material Analysis of Byzantine Pottery", both available from Harvard University Press. The Pottery book is really expensive, but the garden book is about 30 bucks. The Magic book seems to be unavailable, and I checked Dekalb Library system for it, but they son't have it.

Lady Jane said...

I'll check Gwinnett.